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Avian and Pocket Pets  Medical  Services  from   Edgewood Animal Clinic

    This baby Military Macaw was having difficulty standing properly.   Grooming time for Esmerelda and Pickles the Gran Eclectis and Mugzie below is a Scarlet Macaw   


Dr. David Lee performs wellness and comprehensive exams of all types of avians, and  pocket pets such as ferrets, sugar gliders, and rabbits. From the smallest finch to the largest Macaw, the fuzzy little sugar glider to a full size rabbit, we provide thorough examinations along with lab specimens to detect parasites to help ensure a healthy pet.

Basic medicine and surgical care is available with referals to specialists if the need arises. Dr. Lee stays current on minor surgical procedures using the safest of anesthetics available. He maintains continuing education on new and improved

Technicians are trained in the careful handling of exotic pets to help minimize stress and injury if they become frightened. We use the gentle towel approach, never gloves or restraining devices that could injury any size bird. The exam room is 100% secure against escape or injury due to sudden flight or escape artists! before being securely restrained.

Grooming of nails, beaks, wings and teeth is available. Sometimes gentle sedation is required for these procedures, therefore appointments are necessary.

We will completely cover husbandry of your pet at length to assure your proper education in its' wellness care.