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 WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW                                 




 Even though Edgewood Animal Clinic in Polk County has not experienced any Canine Influenza Virus to date, this rapidly spreading disease has been in Hillsboro and Sarasota Counties in the past and has returned to Florida with reported cases from the University of Florida. We are trying to educate everyone to the symptoms and precautions to take.

Dr. David Lee is recommending that all dogs that are frequently kenneled, groomed either at a facility or mobile grooming, visit daycare or dog parks  be vaccinated for protection against Canine Influenza. At present we are using the newest strain H3N2 of the virus's vaccines. Two vaccinations are required within three week intervals to be fully protected the first year. 

This is a highly contagious, hearty virus that you yourself can bring in to your pet from another infected animal. 

 Please read the following article by AVMA:  https://www.avma.org/public/PetCare/Pages/CanineInfluenza.aspx 

 Call us for any more information needed and make an appoinment to protect you dog.