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When Summer Storms and Hurricane Season is Here


 Whether it's a full-blown hurricane or a summer storm with heavy wind, the potential for damage and danger are best dealt with in a "Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best" approach. Always bring outside pets indoors during electrical storms.

Here are a few key things to help prepare you and your pet for hurricane and storm season:

  • Always have several days' worth of food and clean water on hand for you, your family and your pet.
  • Make sure your pet is identified with a tag and, ideally, a microchip. Your pet's tag should include several phone numbers for you and even for a relative or friend out of the area.
  • A pet first aid kit is a necessity year-round, but especially during hurricane season.
  • Pack up an emergency travel kit for your pet in case of evacuation, with an extra identification tag, collar, and leash, food & water bowls, litter & trays for cats, disposable garbage bags for messes, disinfectant, food, bottled water, medications, a flashlight, a blanket, photos of your pet, and a travel crate/kennel if you have one. Be sure to change out food and medication after they've been in your kit for a while!
  • Plan ahead! Arrange a safe haven (a non-local veterinary office, a boarding kennel, motels or a friend/relative out of the area, etc.) for your pet if evacuation is necessary. Not all disaster shelters accept pets, so keep this in mind when planning your evacuation.
  • Remember: if it's not safe for you, it's not safe for your pet! Please don't leave your pet behind. You will find evacuation sites information here.

The American Veterinary Medical Association has produced a brief video with tips for preparing and caring for pets and livestock during disasters.

If you are unable to view this video within your email, please click here to view it on YouTube.